Intrusion Detection by Linear Active Cameras

Structural Aerodynamics (Available only in Focus on Structures Special Edition)
One of the most strikingly ambitious public buildings in France, county governmental headquarters in Marseille, achieves the status of world-class architecture largely through its structural...

Seismic Behavior of Precast Parking Structure Diaphragms

Performance of Precast Parking Garages in the Northridge Earthquake: Lessons Learned

Ponding Study of January 1993 Storm Event within Airport Industrial Park, Oceanside, California
A water ponding study was conducted to investigate flooding that occurred during the January 16, 1993 storm event (the event) in the Oceanside Airport Industrial Park (the Park), located...

Planning for Intermodal Access at American Airports

19 Tough Acts to Follow
The nominations for this year's Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award included everything from runway extensions to highway extensions, water fun parks to water...

Parking Lot Corrosion Cure
The $3 million structural repair and restoration of a large post-tensioned parking structure required engineers to replace 2,400 tendons while keeping the parking garage in service. After...

Hospital Over a Highway
New York Hospital is undergoing a $1 billion expansion that includes construction of a new building over the FDR Drive in Manhattan using air rights. The starting point for this building...

Performance of Precast Parking Garages during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Pedestrian Wind Climate and Water Transport

Raising the Roof
For years, the Mobile County government contemplated placing both county and city governmental services under one roof. Although there were many obstacles -- political, financial and land...

Bart to the Future
Construction has reached the midway point on the $2.7 billion San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Extensions Program. The first three extensions, due to open in 1995, will expand...

Waste Pile to Parking Lot: A Case Study

Designing for Drama
Near the Passaic River in Newark, N.J., not far from the famous Iron Bound restaurant district and Newark's Penn Station, construction crews swarm around the steel skeleton...

More Parking Above
Vertical expansion of six (6) new floors of parking garage on top of four (4) floors of existing structure that was built over three decades ago, adding 155,000 square foot of new structure....

Implications of Parking Policies in Employment Areas on Mode Choice and Land Use

Transportation Operations Planning for the Alamodome

Public Transport System Structure

Incorporating TDM Programs Into the Growth Management Process in the Washington DC Area





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