An Analysis on a Trial Operation of Park and Highway Bus Ride System in Hitachi Region, Japan

Impact of the Car Sharing Scheme on Mode Choice

The Practice of Parking Management in Adelaide

Shoring Up Lake Shore Drive
A $101 million roadway relocation project in Chicago, winner of a 1998 Outstanding Civil Engineering Award (OCEA) of Merit, reunited the north- and southbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive...

Rock Dam Revitalization
Sometimes restoring an area to a natural appearance requires a little artificial help. When the city of Longmont, Colo., began creating the St. Vrain Greenway, a park and recreation area...

Air-Formed Concrete Shells for Cold Regions

End-Run Scheduling to Beat Cold Weather Costs

Creating Durable Parking Structures for the Harsh Minnesota Winters

Efficiency in the Bag
Heavy snowfalls made the existing water treatment plant at the Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California inaccessible during winter months. As activity in the park during colder...

The Lowell National Historic Park: Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution

Structural Damages Caused by Hidden Overloads in a Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Parking Garage: Diagnosis and Repair Procedures

On the Texas Fast Track
When Texans do something, they do it big, and they do it fast. So it comes as no surprise that the second largest sports facility in the U.S., Texas International Raceway, is currently...

Ground Water Recharge at Green Valley Park, Payson, Arizona

Evaluation of Hydrogeologic Conditions and of Remedial Alternatives at Kodak Park, Rochester, New York

Combining Recreation and Flood Control in Denver's South Suburbs

Using Permit Parking to Reduce On-Street Parking and Crime

Construction of Deep Foundations in the Taipei Metropolitan Area

New Uses for Old Bridges
As historic bridges age, they are often rendered useless by modern load requirements and codes. Many had been abandoned or demolished. In 1991, however, the ISTEA created new provisions...

Bus Gate, Pre-Signal and Queue Relocation: The Park View Road Bus Priority Scheme

Intrusion Detection by Linear Active Cameras





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