Recreation Planning for America's Tri-Centennial — A Perspective

Getting to Know Park Users

Trade-off Analysis in Park Planning Design

National Park Service Reaching Out

Franklin and Edgewood Park

Complexities of Developing a Major State Park

Planning Bicycle Facilities — Glacier National Park

Urban Park Site Selection, Analysis and Design

Access: Yosemite National Park — A Plan to Accommodate the Physically Disabled

Transportation Planning for National Parks

The Use of Public Hands for Private Profit

Transportation Strategies for Parks and Recreation
Adequate mobility is essential to both public enjoyment and preservation of recreation resources. Transportation strategies can help insure adequate mobility, improve the recreation experience...

Park-Ride Operations in Seattle Metropolitan Area
The regional transit system in Seattle is rapidly developing as one of the most modern of all bus systems in the country. Current expansion is guided by a plan for 1980 which makes innovative...

Environmental Impacts of BART and People's Responses
Results are intended for use in Federal transit policy making, in improvement of transit system design, and in simplification of the transit planning process. The study identified specific...

TSM: Tinkering Superficially at the Margin—
This paper summarizes the findings of a 2 yr. evaluation of the Transportation System Management (TSM) program of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The study assessed both the technical...

Nonassisted Private Suburban Development
Kingwood is a successful 11,000-acre (45 km/FR/US2/TU/TF) privately financed balanced community on the outskirts of Houston, Tex. Master planning consists of residential villages and commercial...

Damping Ratio for Dry Sands
Using the Torsional Simple Shear Device, the writers investigated the relationship between damping ratio λ and shear strain γ for Ottawa, Del Monte, Golden Gardens, and Seward Park sands....

Maintaining Water Quality in Voyageurs National Park
Voyageurs National Park is a recreational area with a high degree of water-based and water-oriented recreation and requires water quality surveillance. Bench mark (baseline) water quality...

Seattle Freeway Park; A Scene of Blissful Contrasts
The Seattle Freeway Park was nominated for honorable mention for OCEA. Although not of massive scale and not dramatically innovative in civil engineering design and construction methods,...

Robert Moses: Great Builder of the 20th Century
In building the first major U.S. public work —- the Erie Canal —- the engineering challenge was to cross hundreds of miles of farmland and forests with technologies relatively new to the...





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