Bicycle Transportation
A Civil Engineer's Notebook for Bicycle Facilities
The planning and design of bicycle facilities are examined, with the facilities divided into these topics: pavements, drainage, traffic controls, amenities, lighting, parking, landscaping,...

San Antonio Freeway: Social-Impact Landmark
San Antonio's McAllister Freeway, or rather its proposed construction, aroused so much furor as to generate national publicity in the early 1970s. Objections arose because...

The Long Beach Downtown Transportation Project

Honolulu International Airport Groundside Plan

Temporary Detention Cuts Storm Flow Peaks
In the Chicago area, ordinances require that the storm water runoff rate of a site after development be no more than it was before site development. This is because urbanization is often...

Extended Aeration Treatment at Maryland State Parks

Parking Lot Impact on Water Quality

Marine Ecosystem Management

Coastal Management Policy Emphasis in an Urban National Recreation Area

Renovation of New York Harbor

The Role of a State Geological Survey in Barrier Island Management: A Critical Link Between Research and Policy

The Coast in Washington State

Beachfront Restoration Using Water Quality Programs

Neighborhood Traffic Controls
The issues associated with traffic control in residential neighborhoods are examined. Reasons for the increase in activity in implementing neighborhood traffic control measures are presented....

TSM Planning for Fringe Parking Transit
The transportation planning profession lacks documentation and examples of explicit procedures for determining the feasibility of specific Transportation System Management (TSM) strategies...

Park River Auxiliary Tunnel
Application of new geotechnical concepts, adequate subsurface information, and flexible specifications should reduce the cost of tunneling. Computer programs were utilized to optimize...

New York: Water City
New York's waterfront (some 584 miles) is its most impressive natural resource and its biggest management headache. In Manhattan, changes in waterfront technology (container...

Facelifting City Streets
Augusta, Georgia rebuilt a four-block, 10-acre section of the main street (Broad Street) to improve traffic flow, beautify the street, provide safe, efficient and convenient parking and...

First U.S. Van Pool — Big Success
In l972, a 3M company traffic engineer came up with a way to relieve traffic congestion at company headquarters: van pools. The program is employee supported and run. 3M buys the vans...

Parks and Recreation Facility Demand Assessment





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