California State Parks: The Marine Program

Research for Management: GBR Marine Park, Australia

Airport-Passenger Parking Design
Despite standard procedures for estimating the quantity of parking space for airports, great difficulties persist at many terminals. These principally concern the amount of space available...

Temperature Effects: Methane Generation from Landfill Samples
The objective of this investigation was to study the impact of temperature variations on the rate of methane generation from solid waste. The temperatures investigated ranged from 21°C...

Steel Structures Provide Flexibility
The steel structures of several major buildings are evaluated by the structural engineers responsible for the design and construction. Included are the Park Avenue Atrium in New York;...

Optimization Methodology for Bus Garage Locations
An optimization model is developed for determining both the optimal bus garage locations and optimal assignment of buses to those garages. The model uses a list of candidate garage sites,...

Realistic Tolerances for Double-Tee Construction
This paper is mainly concerned with the problems of tolerance specification for precast concrete construction. Some articles have reported that constructed tolerances are much larger than...

The South Station Transportation Center in Boston

Planning, Design, and Construction of a Small Bus Maintenance Facility: A Transit Manager's Viewpoint

So You Want to Remodel a Bus Garage?

Bus Park & Ride: Design Guidelines

Balancing Development and Transportation Objectives in Transportation Center Planning

Stormwater Detention: Acceptance and Rejection Issues

Waste Heat Use: The TVA Watts Bar Waste Heat Park

Empirical Models of Transit Service Areas
Empirical tools for planning access to transit systems are developed. Transit access is defined as those portions of the journey spent getting to the transit system, and then from the...

Lake Cunningham Park: A Multi-Purpose Facility in an Urban Setting

Parking Deck Deterioration from Chlorides

East Bay Waste Management: From Landfill to Park
A balancing act between public interests, government regulations, and a private concern evolved into a total waste-management system for the San Francisco Bay area cities. Civil engineers...

Improving Parking Efficiency through TSM
The hypothesis is present that certain transportation systems management techniques that rely on human behavior might be more effective if developed in a marketing approach using the concept...

Intermodal Transportation Garage Facility
A regional rapid transit terminal has been designed to integrate various transportation modes for the South Braintree Extension of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. The South...





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