Linking Linear Greenways To Communities

Horticultural, Botanical & Environmental Resources

Milwaukee County Parks' Brown Deer Golf Course Lands P. G. A. Tour Event: A Gem of a Golf Course is Polished to a New Brilliance

Two Case Studies of Marine Parks & Marinas as Economic and Tourism Activity Stimulators in Brazil

Marine Recreation Project of the City of Yokohama - Marine Park and Hakkei Island -

Integrated Planning for International River Basin
The integrated development of the Vardar/Axios Basin includes a system of projects scheduled to meet the needs and aspirations of Yugoslavia (in particular, the former Socialist Republic...

Coping with EPA's Transportation Storm Water Permit
EPA has released NPDES storm water monitoring data from group applicants. This paper will analyze the data to determine which pollutants are present in storm water runoff from transportation...

Marinas, Parks and Recreation Developments
This proceedings, Marinas, Parks & Recreation Developments, contains papers presented at the International Conference sponsored by...

PCI Plant and Personnel Certification for the Precast Concrete Industry

Capturing As-built Project Information for Facility Management
Complete, accurate, and timely provision of as-built information plays a critical role in the optimal upkeep of a facility. Facility operators/maintainers usually are delivered a constructed...

Preliminary Assessment of Potential Sites for a Monitored Retrievable Storage (MRS) Facility

Monitored Retrievable Storage (MRS) Facility Project Status

Commercial Vehicle Operations and Automatic Vehicle Identification Applications at Airports

Bio-Remediation of Simulated Fire Training Facility
A leaking aviation fuel underground storage tank system utilized for fire fighting training at the Will Rogers World Airport was removed by Oklahoma City Department of airports personnel....

A Design for a Football Stadium Roof Enabling Growth of a Natural Grass Playing Surface: Sydney Football Stadium - Australia
This paper discusses the development of a design for a stadium roof which will provide conditions allowing the growth of a wearable natural grass surface suitable for sports including...

The Georgia Dome and Beyond: Achieving Lightweight - Longspan Structures
In the last two decades, the development of longspan roof structures has undergone a quantum leap. The introduction of steel structures, fabric structures, Bucky Fuller's tensegrity structure,...

Seismic Response of Concrete Tilt-Up Systems
A Summary of the measured dynamic response of a one-story, till-up warehouse located in Hillister, California, is presented. Acceleration and relative displacement histories may be used...

Harbor and Marina Improvements McKinley Marina Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Framework and Status of the ASCE Parks & Recreation Planning Guide

Tree Root Induced Settlement of a Large Industrial Building Founded on Expansive Clay–A Case History
Trees planted adjacent to buildings have been known to cause significant structural distress. In this paper, a case study is presented where a large tilt-up concrete industrial building...





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