Erosion Control of Downcoast Area of Ports in Thailand Using Parabolic Bay Shape

On the Radiation Boundary Conditions for Time-Dependent Parabolic Wave Calculations

Analysis and Design of the Ponce Coliseum in 1969 and 1996

Evaluation of Cracking of the Miami Marine Stadium Hyperbolic Paraboloid Roof Structure

Combinatary Net-Shell Roofs of Elliptic Paraboloid of Zhaoqing Gymnasium
Zhaoqing Gymnasium is a multi-functional sports building, whose structural modelling takes Zhaoqing City Flower(Lotus) as the main theme; adopts a combinatory ellipic paraboloid net-shell...

Vibration Characteristics of Suspension Membrane Structures
The present paper specifies fundamental vibration characteristics obtained from experiment on the model of the suspension or the framed membrane structure. The first paragraph describes...

The Napeague Dunes, Long Island, NY
The Napeague Dunes of eastern Long Island, N.Y., consist of a series of three migrating parabolic dunes. The area presently occupied by this system was formerly a 2.7 Km wide inlet following...

An Analysis of Human Performance in Simulated Partial-Gravity Environments
Three unique partial gravity test environments; parabolic flight, water immersion and a mechanical-relief device provide the environment to evaluate human locomotion, reach sweeps, and...

Bifurcations in Stochastic Systems—A Generalized Hermite Analysis
Ito calculus and Markov theory are powerful tools to investigate nonlinear dynamic systems. Consequently, we need an extended experience to solve Fokker-Planck equations. In a more recent...

Movement of Sediment Mixtures in a Parabolic Flume with Simulated Rainfall
A 4-m long flume with parabolic cross section and adjustable slope was constructed to investigate the sediment carrying capacity and the variation of grain size distribution during deposition....

Hypars and Wood Shells—The Boston College Recplex
For the past twenty years, we have been involved in the design and construction of intermediate span wood hyperbolic paraboloid. During that time the spans have ranged from 50 ft. to 200...

Computer-Assisted Problem Solving in Hydraulic Engineering
A number of practical hydraulic problems may be solved using software that allows interaction at the equation level rather than through higher level languages. This paper presents examples....

The Matched Artificial Dispersivity Method
The paper presents a class of models that are well-suited for microcomputing and that are based on what may be called the 'Matched Aritifical Dispersivity' method....

Calculation of Thick Boundary Layers and Wakes of Axisymmetric Bodies

Reliability of Antenna Structures

Wind Loads Imposed by Parabolic Solar Collectors

Comparison of FEM Analyses for a Hyperboloidal Shell

Parametric Time Series: Cooling Tower Wind Pressures

Analysis of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Inverted Umbrella Shells with Prestressed Edge Members

Finite Element Analysis of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells





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