A Global Ocean 3-D Plume Dispersion Model

Collision of Cylinders in Random Seas

Stability of the Gulf Stream

Random Models of Second-Order Waves and Local Wave Statistics

Quadratization and Cubicization: Analysis Tools for Offshore Engineering

Numerical Experiments in Ringing and Springing of Offshore Platforms

Modal Identification Method for Structures Subjected to Unmeasured Random Excitations

Ports '95
This proceedings, Ports '95, is a collection of the technical papers presented at the Ports '95 Conference held in...

Sleeve Valves for a Wastewater Application

Bullwinkle's Big Brother
In 1980, the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award went to Cognac, Shell Oil Co.'s then-tallest offshore platform. In 1989 the Bullwinkle platform became the new...

Developing Watershed Plans in Managed Forests of the Pacific Northwest

Fall Velocity of Sea Shells as Coastal Sediment

Morphological Study of Mediterranean Shore

Specification of the Florida Straits Transport within the NOAA East Coast Ocean Model

Coastal Zone '95
Abstrct only. Coastal Zone '95, held in Tampa, Florida, July 16-21, 1995 is the ninth in a series of biennial multidisciplinary...

The Design and Construction of the San Francisco Southwest Ocean Outfall

Deepwater Ocean Outfalls for Sydney Australia

The South Bay Ocean Outfall

Point Loma Ocean Outfall Extension

Microtunneling Meets Mother Nature
The world's first ocean thermal energy plant is getting a double. Microtunneling the second ocean intake 80 ft under the Pacific Ocean is proving challenging, partly due to...





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