High-Performance Aerating Weirs for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement

Eddy Pump Dredging: Does it Produce Water Quality Impacts?

The Brasfield Hydroelectric Project—A Model-Prototype Comparison

Post License Enhancements—Passing Minimum Flows Through Outlet Works and Generators

Locks and Dams - Red River Waterway

Plant Surface Area and Wetland Treatment Efficiency

Stream Dissolved Oxygen Modeling and Wasteload Allocation

Analysis of Reaeration Equations Using Mean Multiplicative Error

Reservoir Oxygenation by Oxygen Diffusers

Measurement of Oxygen Solubility in Non-Ideal Systems

The Boom in In Situ Bioremediation
In situ bioremediation was first applied in 1972 when a subsurface release of high-octane gasoline threatened the water supply of a small town in Pennsylvania. Soluble inorganic nutrients...

Reservoir Estimates for the Sulpicius Gallus Region
Estimates presented here show that 1.1×109 metric tons of oxygen could of produced from one of the enriched areas that have been detected by spectrographic...

A Remote Sensing Evaluation of Lunar Pyroclastic Deposits

Lunar Oxygen Production - A Maturing Technology
Research on oxygen production from lunar rock and soil has made significant progress in the past two years. An extensive series of experiments on natural and synthetic analogs has concentrated...

Oxygen Generation from Synthetic Moon Soil Using a Plasma Reactor
A series of experiments were performed to evaluate the potential for generating oxygen from silica powder, alumina powder and a synthetic moon soil powder. A non-transferred arc plasma...

Lunar Oxygen Production in a Hydrogen Cold Plasma
This paper examines the concept of oxygen production from unbeneficiated lunar regolith using a non-equilibrium or 'cold' hydrogen plasma. An experimental investigation has indicated that...

Carbon Formation Theory for Space Oxygen Processes
Production of oxygen from the Martian atmosphere or lunar soil and the recovery of oxygen in manned space environments may include carbon formation from CO as a unit process. Thermodynamic...

Oxygen from Lunar Soil via Fluorination
This paper considers oxygen extraction from lunar soil via fluorination, for reasons of its high effectivity of oxygen release from most silicates. In addition to theoretical investigations,...

Feasibility of Treating Synthetic Greywater by Culturing Waldmann's Dark Green Lettuce in a Hydroponic System
The objective of the research was to treat synthetic greywater in a hydroponic system culturing Waldmanns dark green lettuce (Lactuca Stavia L Var. Crispa L). The process is designed as...

East River Modeling of Water Quality for Multiple-Project Assessments
The East River Model (ERM), which employs the RMA-2V hydrodynamic and RMA-4 water quality modeling code, was used by Lawler, Matusky & Skelly Engineers to assess water quality...





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