Aspects of River House Cleaning during Floods
In spite of all the destructive forces of floods, the washing and scouring of polluted bottom deposits during spring floods gives the rivers a new start at the beginning of what is usually...

Lake Number: A Long-Term Lake Water Quality Predictor
A seasonal maximum Lake number was found to be a good predictor for volume averaged water temperatures, maximum water temperatures near lake bottom, seasonal stratification characteristics,...

Simulation of Dissolved Oxygen in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
A one-dimensional model has been developed to simulate water quality in a complex multi-channel estuarine system. The model utilizes a Lagrangian reference frame for transport computations....

Engineering a Novel Intravenous Oxygenator

Oxygen Supplies for Bioremediation in Tundra Soils

Automobile Emissions Under Arctic Conditions Using Unleaded and 10 Percent Ethanol Admixed Gasolines

Geo-Environmental Testing Using the EnviroconeĀ®

Ground Water Bioremediation

Integrated Water Quantity-Quality Modeling

Modeling the Impact of Macrophytes on Instream Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics in the Pennsauken Watershed

Modelling the Effect of Verticl Flow-Developer on Ice Cover

Controlling Iron Concentrations in the Recovered Water from Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells

Oxygen Transport in an In-Situ Bioremediation Application

Nitrification and Pre-Denitrification in a Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge System

Effects of Metals and Surface Functional Groups on Adsorptive Properties of GAC

Dissolved Oxygen Enhancement on the Provo River

Aeration of Hydroturbine Discharges at TIMS Ford Dam

Surface Water Pumps to Improve Dissolved Oxygen Content of Hydropower Releases

Small Hydro Turbine/Generator Projects at TVA

Design Considerations for Enhancing Environmental Compatibility of Hydraulic Turbines





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