Magnetic Beneficiation of Highland and Hi-Ti Mare Soils: Magnet Requirements

Lunar Oxygen and Metal for Use in Near-Earth Space: Magma Electrolysis

Automation and Control Potential for the Carbotek Lunar Oxygen Production Process

Process Design and Automation Requirements

Alternatives for In Situ Resource Processing

Automation and Control of Off-Planet Oxygen Production Processes

Mining and Excavating Systems for a Lunar Environment

LLOX — Metal Production Via NaOH Electrolysis

Lunar Oxygen Production Via Magma Electrolysis

Development of the Carbotek Process® For Lunar Oxygen Production

Process Design Options for Lunar Oxygen Production

Waste Heat Rejection System for a Lunar Oxygen Production Plant

Lunar Base Establishment Timelines

Synergistic Options for an Earth to Luna Freighter

Synergistic Lunar Lander for Efficient Operations

Lunar Base Elements Designed for Robotic Operations
Equipment concepts developed for a study of robotic lunar surface operations are presented. The concepts were evolved together with a consistent robotic buildup and operations scenario;...

Manifesting for a Lunar Robotic, Oxygen-Producing Base
Using robotic systems and human supervisory control, a lunar base reasonably be established to achieve full production within five years. Intermittent human presence works in coordination...

Power for Magma Electrolysis
This paper summarizes qualitative issues of electrical power distribution for near-term lunar facilities. The issues to be discussed were developed during a conceptual study of a Lunar...

Minimizing the Risk of Unsuccessful Modeling Exercises
Monte Carlo simulation techniques were employed to relate input parameter uncertainties to the characteristics of model output accuracy and reliability, and to the probability of successfully...

Reservoir Reevaluation in TVA
Demands for the use of dams and reservoirs tend to change after the projects are completed. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) works with State and local groups to try to increase the...





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