Three Sources, One Quality Product
To keep pace with increasingly stringent regulations and growing demand, Lee County Utilities in southwest Florida recently constructed a new, larger drinking water facility that treats three separate,...

Minimizing the Cost of Maintaining Supply Reliability Through the Use of Water Transfers

Projection of Water Needs: Case Study in Bloem Water Service Area, South Africa

Water Wise in Phoenix
To satisfy its growing demand for safe drinking water, Phoenix has turned to an innovative design/build/operate approach that is expected to deliver a highly sophisticated yet cost-effective...

The Case for Cleaning
When sanitary sewer systems overflow during heavy rainstorms, the crisis is often attributed to the sheer volume of water inundating the system. In many cases, however, the lines would...

A Decision Support System for Drought Management Planning
Traditional drought management planning has focused on curtailment of demand by instituting voluntary or mandatory restrictions on water consumption when regional hydroclimatic indicators...

Exploring All Options
To relieve environmental stress around the Tampa Bay area's existing groundwater wells, Tampa Bay Water—the regional water supplier—is implementing a Master Water Plan that...

Socioeconomic Characteristics, Land Use and Travel Patterns
Osaka City is located in the central part of Japan. With the city's highest population of 3.16 million in 1965, it began to take a downward turn because of the outflow of population to...

Urban Public Transit System in the City of São Paulo, Brazil: Its Operations and Use by People
This paper describes the current situation of the public transport system in the city of Sa˜o Paulo, Brazil, and its metropolitan area, with emphasis on current developments....

Application of New Technology in Public Transportation Systems in Singapore
With the economic expansion, population growth, the high rate of household formation and population dispersion in Singapore, the number of daily trips made is expected to increase. To...

Modeling Water Quality for Dredged Material Disposal

Travel Demand Modeling for Conformity in Charlotte, North Carolina

Advanced Practices in Travel Demand Modeling

Travel Related Inputs for MOBILE6

Mobile Source Emission Reduction Strategies: Where Are We Heading?

Smart Growth Development as TCM: The Atlantic Steel Case

A Large Scale Gridded Application of the CALINE4 Dispersion Model

Transportation Planning and Air Quality IV
Persistent Problems and Promising Solutions
This proceedings, Transportation Planning and Air Quality IV, consists of papers presented at the conference held in Lake Lanier, Georgia,...

Travel Forecasting and Roadway Simulation for Airport Groundside Access

High Strength Concrete from Low Water Demand Cement





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