Solubility of Uranyl in Brine

Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater Using Chemical Oxidation

Effects of Pre-Oxidation on In-Line Filtration: Particle and Manganese Removal

Oxidation of Bromide by Hypochlorous Acid in Aqueous Solutions: Stoichiometry and Kinetics

Spent Fuel Waste Form Charactristics: Grain and Fragment Size Statistical Dependence for Oxidation Response
The Yucca Mountain Project of the U. S. Department of Energy is investigating the suitability of a site in the unsaturated zone at Yucca Mountain, NV, for a high level nuclear waste repository....

Destruction of VOC's By Thermal Oxidation
The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 call for the regulation of 189 air toxics and requires control standard benchmarks of Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT). These emissions...

Trihalomethane Precursor Removal by Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation
The research objectives were definition of trihalomethane formation potential (THMFP) reduction in groundwater matrix using ultraviolet radiation (UV) catalyzed ozone oxidation (UV/Ozone)....

Microbiological Stabilization Through Aerobic Digestion and Storage
A study was conducted to evaluate the pathogen indicator bacterial reductions in the sludges of six wastewater treatment plants. These plants were extended aeration and oxidation ditch...

The Potential Use of Genetically Engineered Microorganisms in the Remediation of Environmental Pollution
Naturally occurring microorganisms express a broad range of metabolic activities which are being successfully applied to the field of bioremediation. Genetic engineering will enhance such...

Autoxidation of Dilute Aqueous Solutions of Trichloroethylene (TCE)

Kinetics of the Oxidation of Sulfonic Acids by Hydroxyl Radicals in Aqueous Solution

Removal of Synthetic Organics and THM Precursors by Polymer-Assisted Oxidation

Anodic Oxidation of Phenols in Dilute Aqueous Solutions

Microbial Oxidation of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds in Soil-Water Systems

Impact of Alternate Pre-Oxidation and Post-Disinfection Processes on Taste and Odor Characteristics

In-situ Enhancement of Biodegradation of Hazardous Chemicals by Chemical Oxidation

Photocatalytic Oxidation of Organic Compounds by CdS—Improvement of the Photostability of CdS

Effects of Physicochemical Factors on Asphalt Aging
A new model for asphalt oxidative aging is presented. The model proposes that the kinetics of low temperature aging in the pavement temperature range is largely governed by physicochemical...

Water Oxidation of Sludges and Toxic Wastes
Waste treatment technologies such as subcritical and supercritical water oxidation processes offer innovative alternatives to vexing sludge and toxic wastewater treatment problems. This...

Alternating Direction Oxidation Ditches—A Cost Saving Technology from Denmark
A soon to be released EPA report claims that in Denmark, small alternating direction oxidation ditches (ADOD) save as much as 70% of the cost for conventional oxidation ditches. The alternating...





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