Treatment of Herbicide Contaminated Groundwater to Non-Detectable Concentrations Applying Ultraviolet (UV) Oxidation

Taste and Odor Control in Drinking Water with Potassium Permanganate

Performance of In Situ Chemical Oxidation Field Demonstrations at DOE Sites

Fuel and Cladding Oxidation under Expected Repository Conditions

Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Natural Organics and Pesticides from Drinking Water
Among the technologies available to deal with the problem of pesticides in drinking water, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) represent a treatment that has the potential of completely...

How to Evaluate and Cost UV/Oxidation Systems

Formation of Natural Analogues in Nuclear Waste Forms: A Geochemical Approach

Aqueous Dissolution Rates of Uranium Oxides

Characterization of Advanced Oxidation Regenerated GACs

Chemical Oxidation of Contaminants in Clay or Sandy Soil

Precipitation Kinetics of Radioactive Elements and Their Effect Upon Redox Conditions of the Nearfield

Preliminary Spent LWR Fuel Oxidation Source Term Model

The Relationship of Speciation to Iron and Manganese Removal Strategies
Case studies are presented describing how Fe and Mn speciation procedures were used to solve process problems at two water utilities. A series of filtration steps are used to separate...

The Use of Iron Salts to Control Dissolved Sulfide in Districts' Trunk Sewers
Headspace H2S removal via the precipitation of dissolved sulfide was investigated using iron chlorides. Full-scale experiments were conducted in...

Sensitized Photooxidation of Dissolved Sulfides in Water
The ability of methylene blue (MB) and riboflavin (RF) to sensitize dissolved sulfides for photooxidation was investigated. Both MB and RF were found to be effective sensitizers for the...

Automated ORP Control for Aerobic/Anoxic Cycling in Oxidation Ditch Treatment
The 1140 m3/d (0.3 mgd) Grand Coulee, WA. oxidation ditch was modified to incorporate a computer-control anoxic/aerobic cycle operation to investigate...

Assessment of BNR Systems in Florida
Operating data from eight, full-scale, single-sludge, biological nutrient removal (BNR) wastewater treatment facilities in Florida were collected and evaluated. Three types of BNR facilities...

Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater Using Chemical Oxidation

Dissolution Rates of As-Received and Partially Oxidized Spent Fuel

Solubility of Uranyl in Brine





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