Modeling Analysis of CSO Impacts in a Tidal Basin
Short duration intensive inflows of combined sewer overflows (CSO) to marine tidal basins create stratified water quality for limited periods of time. Accurate assessment of water quality...

Source Identification and Ranking of Wet Weather Discharges in an Urban Area
A study has recently been completed to characterize the pollutant loadings to the Providence River, RI during wet weather conditions. A total of 11 land based sampling stations including...

Receiving Water Modeling for CSO Investigations in Boston Harbor
The computer models QUAL2EXP and TEA/ELA were used to model Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) remediation alternatives in Boston Harbor and its major tributaries. The models were adapted to...

A Living Master Plan for Combined Sewer Syetems

Real Time Control of Combined Sewers: A U.S. View

Rain Run-Off From Sewer Systems & Treatment Plants

Storage of Combined Sewage in a Marine Waterbody

Equipment and Instrumentation for CSO Control

Non-Structural Measures to Minimise CSO Effects

Cost and Benefit of CSO Treatment

Sewerage Pollution Control: UK Research Programme

Atlanta Combined Sewer Overflows Present and Future

Benefits of the Proactive Approach for CSO Control in Chattanooga

Approaches for Evaluating Water Quality Benefits of Combined Sewer Overflow Controls

Application of the U.S.G.S. DHM for Floodplain Analysis
The two-dimensional Diffusion Hydrodynamic Model, DHM, is applied to the evaluation of floodplain depths resulting from an overflow of a leveed river. The environmental concerns of flood...

The Piedra del Aguila Project Large Radial Gates
Piedra del Aguila Hydroelectric Project is on the Limay River in Argentina. It has a capacity of 1424 MW with annual energy of 5500 GWH. This is an overflow dam, with intake gates, penstocks...

Scale Effects of Overflow-Oriented Hydraulic Parameters for a High Dam
This paper presents the findings of prototype observation and model verification on the surface velocity, the range of nappe jetting, and the diffusion regime of the discharged flow related...

CSO Induced Circulation in Marine Tributaries
Pulses of freshwater flow to estuarine tributaries from combined sewer overflows (CSO) create short duration intense salinity stratification in the tributaries. An accurate assessment...

Stormwater Pollution Control Using Screening Structures

Evaluation Criteria for Sewerage Failure and Rehabilitation





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