The Many Faces of Combined Sewer System Performance

Catastrophic Riverine Flooding: Rapid Evaluation with a Robust Numerical Model

10th Street Detention Basin and Recreation Facility

Finding Least-Cost Alternatives for Controlling Sanitary Sewer Overflows Through Application of STORM and a Genetic Algorithm

Using Trenchless Technologies and Interceptor Relief for CSO Control in East Boston, Massachusetts

Sliplining a 50 Year Old Sewer Under Flow

Overflow Control
The city of Houston devised an innovative flow remonitoring effort that allowed engineers to modify or eliminate many planned overflow control facilities. Net construction savings topped...

Wanapum Dam Spillway Overflow Gate

Optimum Design of Self-Regulating Spring Steel Throttles for Sewer Overflow Tanks

Two-Dimensional Floodwave Analysis Resulting from Breached Levee

Hubbart Dam Outlet Works Rehabilitation

Clark Avenue: A Recent Experience in Microtunneling Mixed Face Ground Conditions

Rochester's CSOAP Tunnels: Problems and Successes

SSO and I/I Reduction Using Sewer Rehabilitation

Houston's Solutions for Successful Rehabilitation

Houston's Standard Wastewater Projects Committee

Treatment of Wet Weather Discharges in Columbus, Georgia
The City of Columbus, Georgia and the Columbus Water Works (CWW) instigated a combined sewer overflow (CS 0) control program to protect the Chattahoochee River against adverse impacts...

CSO Planning Model Development and Verification Strategy
A model verification technique is described that uses modeled and monitored overflow occurrences defined in terms of the same long-term frequency statistics that are used to evaluate CSO...

Development and Application of a Dual Drainage Model for the Wethersfield Area of the City of Hartford, Connecticut
A combined system, with overflows, existed in the City of Hartford, Connecticut. Although effective in the context of design standards prevailing at the time of its original design, the...

The Integration of Receiving Water Impacts in the Evaluation Process of Alternative Designs for CSO Abatement in Providence, RI
The Providence, Rhode Island sewer system is undergoing a combined sewer overflow abatement program. One measure of the program's effectiveness is the reduction of water quality...





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