Mitigation of Impervious Surface Hydrology Using Bioretention in North Carolina and Maryland
As an increasingly adopted stormwater best management practice to remedy hydrologic impairment from urban imperviousness, bioretention facilities need rigorous field performance research...

Topographic and Wind Influences on the Chesapeake Bay Outflow Plume and the Associated Fronts

An Ocean Model Applied to the Chesapeake Bay Plume

Socioeconomic Characteristics, Land Use and Travel Patterns
Osaka City is located in the central part of Japan. With the city's highest population of 3.16 million in 1965, it began to take a downward turn because of the outflow of population to...

Storage-Outflow Modeling of a Headwater Wetland

Evaluation of Methods Used in Estimating Outflow Rates in Coastal Watersheds

Using an Exact Solution to Improve the Peak Outflow of NWS Simplified Dam Break Model

Reducing Glacial-Lake Outburst Hazards in the Khumbu Himal

The Effect of Negative Wave on Dam Breach Outflow

Optimal Control of Sudden Water Release from a Reservoir

Incorporating a New Salinity-Outflow Algorithm into an Operations Model for the Central Valley, California

Modeling of Possible Outflow of Radionuclides from Deep Burials into Biosphere

Determination of Acute Dilution Factors Based on a 1-Hour Exposure of a Drifting Aquatic Organism

Discussion on Inflow and Outflow Conditions of a Hydro Turbine

A Watershed Scale Hydrologic Model for Drained Forested Land

Dimensionless Expression of Peak Flows from an Institutionalized Rainfall-Runoff Model

Urban Stormwater Treatment Pond Volume Optimization for a Horizontal Orifice Outflow Device

Jacksonville Wastewater Land Treatment Application Selection and Irrigation System Design

Two Dimensional Detention Pond Routing Model

Nowcast System Development for the Straits of Florida
As part of the inaugural program for the Ocean Pollution Research Center at the University of Miami, a nowcast system is being developed for the Straits of Florida. The nowcast system...





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