Solution of the Saint Venant Equations Through the Use of Riemann Based Methods

Time Accurate Simulation of Free Surface Flow Problems

Implicit TVD Methods for Modelling Discontinuous Channel Flows

Allowance for Secondary Flows in the 3 D Numerical Flow Models of Piping Systems

Numerical Simulation of Flow in a Channel with a Wavy Sidewall

3-D Numerical Solution of Flow in Sine-Generated Meandering Compound Channel

3-D Turbulent Flow Simulation for the Tail Water Channel

An Extended Depth-Averaged Turbulence Model for Flow Constricted by Cofferdams

2-D Flow and Sediment Simulation for the Flood Regulation of a Reservoir with Water Intake

Experimental Evaluation of the Compressible Portion of a Liquid Flow Crossing a Cavitating Control Valve

The Development of the Simulated Study on Structural Vibration Induced by Discharge Flow Energy

Discharge Equation of Ice Harbor Type Fishway

Influence of Approach Flow Non Uniformity on Vortices at a Pump Intake

Energy Dissipation in Stepped Waterway

Air Entrainment in Bottom Outlet Tailrace Tunnels

Control of Hydraulic Jump by Abrupt Drop

Numerical Analysis of Unsteady Flow on Rotating Buckets for Optimal Operation of Pelton Turbines

Velocity Profile of Sediment-Laden Flow in Transition From Saltation to Sheet-Flow

A Semi-Analytical Formulation of Contaminant Transport of Reactive Pollutants with Linear Kinetic Sorption

Analytical Predictions of Weakly Swirling Turbulent Pipe Flow





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