Strategies for Control and Remediation of Solvent Pollution from the Dry Cleaning Industry

Passive Volatilization of Gasoline from a Wet Silt-Loam

Using Specialized Adsorbents for Remediation

Characterization of Advanced Oxidation Regenerated GACs

Assessing Mobility of Household Organic Hazardous Chemicals in Landfill

Geoenvironmental Studies in Mexico City

Implementing World Class Manufacturing Ideas A Case Study at The Dalles/John Day Dams

Remedial System Planning Using Groundwater Modeling

A Groundwater Extraction System in a Bedrock Aquifer

Determining Clean-Up Duration and Volume for a Ground Water Pump and Treat Remedial System in an Aquifer Contaminated with Sorbing Organic Compounds

Landfill Gas and Groundwater Contamination

Organizational Strategy for Implementing Design-Build Delivery Systems

The Boom in In Situ Bioremediation
In situ bioremediation was first applied in 1972 when a subsurface release of high-octane gasoline threatened the water supply of a small town in Pennsylvania. Soluble inorganic nutrients...

Continuous Excellence
Building Effective Organizations
This handbook for managers and leaders pulls together, in one resource, all that is important to know about effectively utilizing and managing change in service organizations. For leaders...

Resource Recovery Facilities for Earth Approaching Comets
Mankind's next large resource location may be off the planet. The facilities required for mining and material processing offer interesting concepts for the development of mankind's first...

A Summary of the NEPSTP Nuclear Safety Program
The Nuclear Electric Propulsion Space Test Program (NEPSTP) is sponsored by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) to demonstrate and evaluate the Russian-built TOPAZ II nuclear...

TOPAZ II Qualification and Nuclear Testing Program
This paper presents an overview of the Topaz II qualification and nuclear test program. The program combines the joint efforts and resources of Russian and American specialists and organizations...

Mixed-Use Business Park Developments in Space: A Real-Estate Paradigm
Standard terrestrial business-park development practice is proffered as a realistic organizational model for expanding human activity in Earth orbit. The histories, methods and biases...

Understanding ISO
Many U.S. consulting firms are being registered under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 series, which set standards for business conduct to achieve quality....

Environment-Friendly Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid
NASA Ames has formulated a unique candidate non-glycol based freezing point depressant (FPD) fluid material that performs essentially the same or superior to currently used glycol based...





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