Volunteer Organizations Use of Appropriate Technology in Developing Countries
The water and sanitation needs facing developing countries are formidable. This paper discusses the experience of a volunteer organization, the Water and Sanitation Consultancy Group,...

Fostering Reclamation through Cooperation
The WaterReuse Association of California is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to removing the barriers to water recycling in a State where water supply is a critical issue....

The Fate of Pathogenic Organisms in Mamala Bay
The fate of enteric organisms in Mamala Bay is studied using coupled hydrodynamic and pathogen fate models. The purpose of the study is to determine the contributions of various sources...

The Virtual Design Team (VDT): Concurrent Design of Facility Products, Processes and Organizations

A Computational Organizational Approach to Modeling an Engineering Design Team

Approaches to Simulating Organizational Behavior of Concurrent Design Teams

Process Models in Enterprise Engineering - Tools for Enhancing Process Description

Interference by Natural Organics in Diesel Analyses

Optimizing Soil Vapor Extraction System Design and Operations for NAPL Remediation

Designing SVE to Remove Volatile LNAPLs

Stochastic Finite Element Analysis for Multiphase Flow in Random Porous Media

Optimization of Soil Vapor Extraction System Design
Soil vapor extraction is a cost-effective technique for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) immobilized in the unsaturated zone. The design of a soil vapor extraction system...

Evaluating Sustainability of Water & Sanitation Projects: Case Studies in Developing Countries
Studies carried out in the water and sanitation sector in eight developing countries have delineated the most important factors related to sustainability. These are capacity and skills...

International Sourcebook for Construction Industry Product Assessment
Prepared by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation This report presents a summary of some of the key characteristics of 27 leading construction...

Overview of Drought Response Strategies
An overview of drought response strategies in the United States is presented. The paper focuses on tactical strategies for mitigating the impacts of drought conditions. A general structure...

Surface Thermodynamics of an Organoclay

2-D Experimental Investigation of Surfactant Mobilization of Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquid

A Diffusion-Type Adsorption Batch Test Method for Determination of Benzene Adsorption on Regina Clay

Process Upscaling of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Behavior in Heterogenous Aquifers

Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Soil Vapor Extraction





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