Avoid Negativity Bias
You are, or imagine you are, retired and reflecting. You recall unfulfilled personal and professional dreams, some held for decades. You might have wanted to walk the Appalachian Trail. Perhaps you longed...

Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025
A Roadmap for the Profession
Now that the Summit [on the Future of Civil Engineering-2025] is complete, the Vision articulated, and the report completed, leaders of civil engineering organizations around the globe...

Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization, By Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane. New York City: Doubleday, 2012

SAGEEO 2011; April 10-13, 2011

Upcoming Allied Events

GRL and PDI Retain Authorized Provider Status


Terra's Book Value per Share Sets Another Record

Con-Tech Unveils New Logo

GRL Opens Louisiana Office

John Hoobs Serves as CalGeo President

McCann Appointed Moretrench EVP

Sopko Heads up New Moretrench Midwest Office

Nicholson Launches New Visual Identity

Menard Introduces New Corporate Identity

IECA Announces 2011 Board of Directors

ICVRAM 2011, April 11-13, 2011, College Park, MD.

Remediation System Optimization with Alternatives
This work applies the enhanced multi-objective robust genetic algorithm (EMRGA) (Beckford and Chan Hilton, 2004) to Fort Ord's Site OU2 for optimal groundwater remediation under uncertainty....

Modeling Fort Ord Site OU2's Remediation System Using Optimization
Fort Ord.s Site OU2 is located approximately 80 miles south of San Francisco near Monterey Bay in Monterey County, California. Fort Ord contains two landfills which were used for residential...

Characterization of Particle Class Sizes Associated with Indicator Organisms in Stormwater
The presence of pathogen indicators is the leading cause of water body impairment in the United States, accounting for over 15% of the waters currently requiring TMDL development (USEPA,...





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