Social Components of Community Water Supply and Sanitation
The successful implementation of water supply and sanitation programs in developing countries depends not only on the provision of adequate funding and the selection of appropriate technologies...

The Quest for Quality
an Engineer's View on Responsibility and Liability
This proceedings is the product of the 1990 Triennial Conference which is a conference series held every three years, alternating on each side of the Atlantic, originally between the American...

Effect of Humidity on Low Temperature Thermal Desorption of Volatile Organic Compounds from Contaminated Soil

Removal of Synthetic Organics and THM Precursors by Polymer-Assisted Oxidation

Toxicity of Bottom Sediments in Detention Ponds

A Monte Carlo Approach to Exposure Assessment

Modeling Volatile Organic Transport with Vapor Sorption
A flexible finite element simulation model is developed to predict the movement of volatile organic compounds in variably saturated subsurface regions. The model incorporates both the...

Separation of Lunar Ilmenite: Basalt vs. Regolith

Construction Engineering and Management Challenges and Opportunities

Magnetic Beneficiation of Highland and Hi-Ti Mare Soils: Rock, Mineral, and Glassy Components

Human Operations, Resources and Bases on Mars

Anaerobic Filter Treatment of Septic Tank Effluent at Low Temperatures

Organic Contamination in California's Water Supply Wells

Terminal 91 Short Fill Monitoring Results: Insights for the Future of Contaminated Dredge Material Disposal

Ground Modification for a 14-Story Structure Over a Deep Peat Deposit
The foundation design and construction for a 14-story reinforced concrete office building northwest of Minneapolis is described. The building's geometry provided unusual foundation...

International Developments in Ocean Incineration Policy

Eutrophication in the Adriatic Sea

Fouling and Wood-Boring Communities Distribution on the Coast of Rio De Janeiro
The paper reports on a study of the dynamics of fouling communities and the distribution of wood-boring organisms along the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was motivated by the...

Impact on a Primitive Fishing Community in Maric√° County, Caused by Urbanization
The fishing communities studied in this paper, although influenced by the more important urban growth movement of the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, have reacted in a different manner to...

Organization of Software Application Areas at The University of Michigan College of Engineering
This paper emphasizes the organizational aspects of bringing workstation use into a wide variety of courses through small interdisciplinary organizations within the College called sectors....





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