Technology Transfer: Encouraging the Use of Advanced Technologies in Your Organization
Encouraging the evaluation, use, and development of advanced technologies throughout an organization presents a special challenge, with the rewards of successful implementation far outweighing...

In-Situ Bioremediation Using a Recirculation Well
An existing model (Semprini and McCarty, 1991; 1992) of in-situ bioremediation using methanotrophic bacteria for degradation of volatile organic compounds was modified to simulate use...

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Development of the License Application Review Plan for a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has recently started a new initiative to develop the License Application Review Plan (LARP) which the staff will use in its reviews of the U.S....

Organic Carbon Input in Shallow Groundwater at ÄSPÖ, Southeastern Sweden
The variation in carbon and oxygen isotopes in calcite fissure fillings and dissolved carbonate from shallow groundwaters has been examined at Aspo, southeastern Sweden. The shallow water...

The California Smart Traveler 1993 Status Report
California's Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is teaming with public and private organizations in the research and development of Smart Traveler systems to provide operators, passengers...

An Integrated Design/Construction Research Program for Infrastructure Rehabilitation
The quality of America's infrastructure today is barely adequate to fulfill current requirements, and sufficient to meet the demands of future economic growth and development. This serious...

Oxygen Transfer and VOC Emissions from Sewer Drop Structures

Flux of Metals Between Sediment and the Water Column

Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater Using Chemical Oxidation

Toward a Low-Emissions Wastewater Treatment Plant

Comparison of Dispersion Models for Wastewater Treatment Emissions

Dynamic Modeling of VOC Emissions in HPO Process

Remediation of VOCs in Water Using UV/Oxidation

Field Analysis of Contaminated Sediments by Immunoassay

Removal of VOCs and TEL in Iron-Rich Groundwaters

A Preliminary Evaluation of Transport Mechanisms for Multiple Substrates in a Laboratory Column System

Permeation of Organic Chemicals Through HDPE Geomembranes

VOC-Contaminated Water Cleanup Incentive Program

Integrated Remediation of Soil and Groundwater

From Design to Remediation: The Vroom Site





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