Breakout Session 5B: Microscale Modeling

Analysis of Sand Movement on Noto Coast by Geochemical Method
The analysis of sand samples by X - ray fluorescent spectroscopy (abbreviated by XRF) gives the ratio of the geochemical elements to construct the sand samples. This shows the geochemical...

U.S. Experience with Dynamic Compaction of Collapsible Soils

Dioxin Contamination in Sediments of the Port of New York and New Jersey: The Search for Criteria

Preliminary Screening Studies for Dredge Disposal Options

Disposal of Contaminated Sediments in NY/NJ Harbor

Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Sediment Washing

Dioxin Capping Management and Monitoring Program: Design and Implementation

In Situ Sediment Treatment of Dofasco Boatslip, Hamilton Harbour

The Dioxin Capping Project at the NY Mud Dump Site

Ocean Disposal with Capping of Dioxin Contaminated Sediment: New York Case History #1

Subbottom Profiling of a Sand Capped Disposal Mound

a Vision for the 21st Century
This report, Geo-engineering: A Vision for the 21st Century, documents recent actions by acknowledged U.S. experts in the geo-engineering related...

Iron and Sand Marge to Treat TCE-Contaminated Water

A Multi-Media System for Organizing Construction Documents
This paper describes the concepts for a system to manage construction documents in a multi-media environment to support efficient retrieval....

Partnering in Environmental Restoration: The Coastal America Model
The Coastal America Partnership was initiated in 1993 with the underlying principal that collaborative efforts would be more successful than attempting individual agency solutions. To...

Environment-Friendly Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid
NASA Ames has formulated a unique candidate non-glycol based freezing point depressant (FPD) fluid material that performs essentially the same or superior to currently used glycol based...

Tests for Biogenic Sulfuric Acid Corrosion in a Simulation Chamber Confirms the On Site Performance of Calcium Aluminate Based Concretes in Sewage Applications

Summary of Highway Product Evaluation Practices and HITEC Needs Survey
This report (CERF No. 94-5012) contains the results from a survey conducted by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF), the research affiliate of the American Society of Civil...

Sensitized Photooxidation of Dissolved Sulfides in Water
The ability of methylene blue (MB) and riboflavin (RF) to sensitize dissolved sulfides for photooxidation was investigated. Both MB and RF were found to be effective sensitizers for the...





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