Monitoring and Performance Analysis of Protection Works at Rosslare Strand
Post construction monitoring and performance analysis has become an important part of many major coastal protection projects. In the past such work was carried out very much on an ad-hoc...

Coastal Benefits and Impacts of Dismantling Matilija Dam
A numerical shoreline evolution model was used to examine the shoreline changes associated with the release of 2.3 million cubic meters of beach quality sediment from behind Matilija Dam....

The Digital Evolution
As designers such as Gehry Architects dream up ever-more fluid and sculptural shapes for buildings, the only way to turn those aesthetic shapes into solid, safe structures is by using...

A Large Scale Gridded Application of the CALINE4 Dispersion Model

Airport Modeling and Simulation
This proceedings, Airport Modeling and Simulation contains papers presented at the conference held in Arlington, Virginia, August 17-20, 1997....

Effect of Fenders on Local Pier Scour

Scour Predicition Model at Bridge Abutments

Numerical simulation of Bridge Abutment Scour Development

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Analytic Model for Coarse-Bed Channels

Computer Simulation of River Channel Changes at a Bridge Crossing on a Point Bar

Bridge-Scour Analysis Using the Water-Surface Profile (WSPRO) Model

Innovations and Practical Procedures for Hydraulic Model Applications in Bridge Scour Evaluations

BRI-STARS Model for Alluvial River Simulation

Model Study of Local Scour Downstream Bridge Piers

Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Flow Around Bridge Sub-Structures

Flow Transitions in Bridge Backwater Analysis

1-D or 2-D Models for River Hydraulic Studies?

Computer Model for Prediction of Scour at Bridges Affected by Large Woody Debris

HEC-RAS Hydraulic and Scour Analysis of Ten Mile River Bridge Under the Caltrans Seismic Retrofit Program





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