Correlation Between the Incipient Motion of a Spherical Roughness Element and Fluid Velocity in Open Channel Flow

Incipient Motion Under Shallow Flow Conditions

Subsurface Flow and Channel Erosion

Levee Design for Flood Protection on Alluvial Fans

Castor River Block Hole Stabilization

Adaptation of FEMA Alluvial Fan Flooding Methodology for N-Year Floods

Experimental Description of Combining Flows at an Open Channel Junction

A Numerical Design Method for Open-Channel Flow

Calculation of Turbulent Flow in Open Channel Bends

Comparison of Algebraic Eddy Viscosity Models in 3D Simulation of Compound Channel Flows

How Spacing of Cross-Section Surveys Affects Understanding of Variability in Channel Hydraulic Geometry

A Fast Method of Discharge Measurement in Open-Channel Flow

An Open-Loop Control System for Open-Channel Flows

Computation of Open Channel Flow Using a Gas-Kinetic Based Scheme

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels for Variable Setbacks

Hidden Hazard: Liquefaction Assessment for a Buried Glacial Stream Valley

Fluid Mechanics
An Interactive Text
This multimedia CD ROM, Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text, brings to life every topic and phenomenon associated with the study of fluid...

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow
This text is designed to make a deliberate effort to extend the modern fluid mechanics approach into the analysis of open channel flow without necessarily requiring the use of advanced...

Flood Protection Using Inflatable Dams

White Oak Bayou Channel Improvements





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