Improvement of Flow and Bed Profile Due to Gentler Bank Slopes in a Curved Channel

Bendway Weirs and Highway Protection in Colorado: A Case Study on the Blue River

River Restoration Projects of South-West Germany: Aim and Development

Interaction Between River-Bed Degradation and Growth of Vegetation in Gravel Bed River

Geo-Hydraulic Diversity Index (GDI): A Method for Assessing the Sustainability of Rivers

Hourly Water Temperature Modeling of the Guadalupe River, California

Simulation of Alluvial Processes in Evolving Channel Networks

Resistance to Flow at the Channel-Overbank Interface

Data and Uncertainties for GIS Based Hydrologic Modeling

Reservoir Operation Strategy for a Mountainous Reservoir-River System During Floods

Numerical Modeling of Secondary Motions of Turbulent Flows in Compound Channels

An Investigation into the Flow Field at a Generalised Intake Structure Using SSIIM, a 3D Numerical Model

Numerical Simulation of Free-Surface Flows

Enhancement of the Virginia Storm Model for Nonpoint Source Pollution Simulation

Occurrence of Pesticides in the Alluvial Aquifer of the Arkansas Delta

Cotton Herbicides in the Surface Waters of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (the Delta)

State of the Science in Cohesive Bed Sediment Behavior

Two-Phase Modeling of Suspended Sediment Transport

Correlation Between the Incipient Motion of a Spherical Roughness Element and Fluid Velocity in Open Channel Flow

Incipient Motion Under Shallow Flow Conditions





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