River Restoration Considerations Beyond Channel Design

Reach-Average Dimensions for Channel Reconstruction

River Rehabilitation Measures for a Lowland Channel with Flood Defense Requirements: River Idle, UK

Transport of Mixed Size Sediments in a Tidal Channel

Experimental Studies on the Estimation of Deposition and Erosion Parameters of Silty Mud

Impacts of Proposed Improvements to Ponce DeLeon Inlet, Florida

Relocation of a Tidal Channel for Shore Stabilization and Protection

Navigation Channel Deepening and Sediment Containment Strategies

Roughness Coefficients in Manning's Equation as an Estimating Tool for Bankfull Discharge in Natural Channels
(No paper) This paper compares the results of Annable's work to the roughness coefficients by stream type given in Rosgen (1994) as well as some additional coefficients from the eastern...

Rising Water and Nitrate Levels within an Alluvial Aquifer near Phoenix, Arizona
(No paper) An analysis of water level data from more than a hundred water supply wells show that water levels have been rising at a considerable rate since 1980 in some portions of the...

Loose-Bed Issues in River-Ice Hydraulics

Cliffside Correction
Construction of a 10 km sewer collector in Valparaíso, Chile, came to a halt due to construction difficulties experienced during pipe jacking operations. Analysis revealed not only construction...

Key Harbor and Channel Improvement Projects Underway in the United States—Planning for the Future World Fleet

Control of Multi-Dimensional Wave Motion in Shallow Water

Fault Tree Analysis of Bridge Scour

Detailed Scour Measurements Around a Debris Accumulation

Alluvial Fan Dynamics—Hazards to Highways

Case Histories in Soil Bioengineering Streambank Protection

Bank Stabilization Experience on the Middle Rio Grande

Soil-Cement for Channel Bank Stabilization





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