Experimental Study on the Configuration of Debris-Flow Fan

Particle Model for Alluvial Fan Formation

Kinetic Analysis on the Deceleration and Deposition Processes of Viscous Debris Flows

Sedimentological Facies Analysis of Alluvial, Highly-Concentrated-Flow Deposits

Channelized Debris Flow Mitigative Structures in British Columbia, Canada

Getting More from Flow Monitoring Data

Post-Construction Investigation of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Investigation into the Possibilities of Using Bristol Channel Models for Tidal Predictions

Flushing and Recharge of Inlet Channel for an Ephemeral Coastal River

Uncertainty and Risk Analyses for FEMA Alluvial Fan Method

Application of High-Resolution Schemes to Free Surface Flows in Irregular Channels
A 1-D flow model employing a high resolution scheme based on the Total Variation Diminishing concept is applied to non-prismatic channels of irregular cross-section. The hydraulic properties...

Depth-Averaged Equations for Free Surface Flows
Depth-Averaged equations for free surface flow are derived by applying fundamental physical principles of mass conservation, momentum and moment of momentum on a control volume from the...

Effect of Grade Control Structures on DEC Streams
Controlling the grade of a channel with structures has been an effective means applied to streams. Although, the effectiveness of grade control structures is not readily apparent until...

Depth-Averaged Boussinesq Equations Applied to Flow in a Converging Channel
Supereritical flow in a contracting channel is simulated by numerically solving the 2D depth-averaged Boussinesq equations using a fmite-difference model DASH (Molls and Chaudhry 1995,...

Hydraulic Performance of Open Channel Breaching
Flood flow in natural channels with floodplains is often confined in the main channel by the presence of levees. The hydraulic performance of these kinds of channels can be seriously affected...

SpatioTemporal Stochastic Open-Dhannel Flow
The de Saint Venant equations are solved as stochastic partial differential equations whose parameters (hydraulic resistance, bed slope, cross-section geometiy, inflow hydrograph, seepage,...

Habitat Preservation and Enhancement Associated with San Diego Creek Flood Control Channel Improvement
San Diego Creek, an important regional flood control channel in southern Orange County, California, flows 2.4 kilometers through the mixed-use areas of Irvine Center (San Diego Freeway...

Rock Riprap for Grade Control
Rock chutes (riprap channels on steep slopes) are used as grade control structures to safely conduct a water flow to a lower elevation. Common procedures used for design of rock riprap...

Drop Structures in the Real World: Guidelines for Drop Structures in Grass Lined and Wetlands Channels

Quasi Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis of Drop Structures





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