Oil and Gas Development in Coastal Upland Areas: Understanding the Issues, and Recommendations for Land Use Planning

Hydrocarbon Facility Siting in Northern Canada

Marine Pipeline and Ocean Outfall Protection with Flexible Matresses

Mechanical Characterization of Oil Shale

Reconversion to Coal Firing at Crystal River
Units 1 and 2 at the Crystal River Plant of Florida Power Corporation were originally designed for coal firing in the 1960's, were converted to heavy fuel oil firing in the...

Water Requirments for Eastern Oil Shale Projects

Developing Water for Oil Shale

White River Basin Oil Shale Water Assessment

Salinity Impacts, White River Basin, Colorado-Utah

Tar Sands Oil Recovery Wastewater Treatment/Reuse

Water Conservation Opportunities in Spent Shale Management

Water Requirements and Reuse of Process Wastewaters at Oil Shale Plants

Physico-Chemical Treatment of Omega-9 Wastewater

Oil Shale - The Beginning of a New Industry

Battlement Mesa: An Approach to Impact Mitigation

Oil Shale: The Commercial Perspective

Soil-Pipe Interaction of Heated Oil Pipelines
A study is presented analyzing the distress frequently encountered in buried heated oil pipelines due to the expansion and contraction producing soil-pipe interface shear and cyclic movements....

Optimization of Integrated Energy Systems
Application of renewable and nonrenewable energy conversion technologies are forecast for medium and large industrial facilities. Data are obtained from an optimization model that determines...

Methane Gas Utilization from Landfill Site
The results are described of a case study of a gas extraction and utilization system located on a sanitary landfill site. The system includes the following: a 0.9-m-diameter gas extraction...

TAPS Design Concepts: Environmental Concerns
The engineering concepts utilized in the design, construction, and operation of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) were often new and in many cases state-of-the-art. In order to accommodate...





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