Fracture Mechanics of Layered Rocks

Guidelines for the Seismic Design of Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems
Current knowledge on the practice of earthquake engineering for oil and gas pipeline systems is presented. Such systems typically consist of buried oil, gas, or product pipelines and aboveground...

Design of Manmade Offshore Islands for Ice Forces
Approximately sixty percent of the undiscovered oil and fifty percent of the undiscovered gas probably lies in the sedimentary basins offshore Alaska (USGS 1980). Because of this hydrocarbon...

Bending Moments on Long Partially Submerged Cylinders in Random Seas

New Ways to Solve Underground Contamination Problems

Potential for Groundwater Attenuation of Mutagenic Compounds from Raw and Spent Oil Shales

A Case History of Developing Water Quality Standards and Use Classification by a Shale Oil Industry

Regulation and Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

Arctic Pipeline River Crossings—Design Trends and Lessons Learned

Facility Designs in the Arctic for the Kuparuk Pipeline System

Scouring Induced Vibrations on Sub-Sea Pipelines

Polymer Modified Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (PGRC) as a Protective Buffer Coating over Thin Film Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Finite Element Techniques for Pipelines Subjected to Extreme Loads

Modified Reel Methods for Subsea Arctic Pipelines

OCS, Frontier Basins, California

Don't Get Crude on Georges Bank

Assessment of NOx Control Measures for Diesel Engines on Offshore Exploratory Drilling Vessels and Rigs

Drilling Mud Discharges: Minimizing Environmental Mismatches

Offshore Oil Operations and Environmental Values

Contingency Planning Guidelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Development





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