Using Geophysics to Assess Geohazards Before Construction: Increase Your Odds for Success!
Understanding subsurface conditions is the key to any successful construction project, including new construction, excavation, and drilling. The consideration and understanding of the subsurface geology...

Risk Based Corrective Action: An Application to Closure of a Fuel Oil Bunker Site

New Trans-Alaska Pipeline Earthquake Monitoring System

Tanker Rollover and Potential Consequences from Burning Fuels on Arctic Tundra

Oil in the Soil
An oil well blowout in northern Italy contaminated about 1,500 ha of agricultural land primarily used to cultivate rice. The cleanup team decided to use bioremediation techniques because...

Clean Boating Education Programs of California

Preparing for Pier A
Earthquakes, oil wells, contamination and unstable soil were among the challenges engineers faced as they prepared a site at California's port of Long Beach for the Pier A...

Pipeline Research Needs
Pipeline Research Needs is the proceedings of a workshop organized by The Pipeline Research Committee, Pipeline Division, American Society...

A New Direction in Remediation
Engineers have always had to rely on wells for onsite soil and ground water remediation systems. During the past several years, horizontal drilling technology, adapted from oil recovery...

Experiences in Cleaning Up the Influence of Oil Spill on the Water Bodies
Experiences in cleaning up the influence of oil spill on water bodies of Komi Republic (European part of Russian North) and Dagestan Republic (North Caucasus) was generalized. In both...

Adhesion Kinetics of Fuel Oil #6 and Oil-in-Water Emulsions on Marine Sediments under Turbulent Mixing Conditions
Oil spilled in the marine environment is subject to a great variety of physical, chemical and biological processes, which determine its ultimate fate in the aquatic environment. Many of...

Tenneco's Risk Management Approach to Pipeline Crossings

Record Breaking Bundled Pipeline Crossings

Factors Affecting the Selection of a Crossing Method

Crude Oil Pipe Line Crossing Western Panama

Expert System for Assessing Main Pipeline Reliability and Residual Lifetime

Spray Freezing to Treat Oil Sands Tailings Pond Water

Coating of Steel Structures in Cold Regions

Driven Pile Capacities in Warm Permafrost in Komi Republic, Russia

Characterization and Remediation of a Fuel Oil Plume





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