Dual Benefits
When the Port of Houston needed to be dredged to accommodate larger commercial vessels, engineers decided to put the dredged material to use to create wetlands and islands that will serve...

Beach Changes Triggered by Seaward Development of Towns, Expansion of Coastal Forest and Construction of Detached Breakwaters at a Pocket Beach
Beach changes triggered by seaward development of towns, expansion of coastal forests and construction of detached breakwaters at a pocket beach were analyzed, taking the Ariake-Ishihama...

Historical Sediment Budget Analysis of the Malibu Coastline
Sediment supply to the Malibu coastline has been continually decreasing since development began in the Santa Monica Mountains in the 1880's due to dam construction for irrigation and recreation,...

Flow Patterns Around Bridge Piers and Offshore Structures

Effects of Water Pressure on Deep Water Offshore Concrete Design

Deep Foundations in the Future

The Mechanics of Pile Foundation Collapse

Modeling Spatial Variability in Pile Capacity for Reliability-Based Design

Studies of the Behavior of a Suction Pile with a Simplified Numerical Model

Structural Challenges in Deepwater Oil Production

Human and Organizational Factors: Engineering and Reliability of Offshore Structures

Compliant Towers: Structures that Benefit from Dynamics

Practical Approaches in Offshore Engineering

Equilibrium Shoreline Response behind a Single Offshore Breakwater

The First Two Platforms with Suction Pile Foundations Subjected to Sea Ice Forces in the Bohai Sea

Analyses of Ice-Induced Vibration and Estimation of Soil Softening under Vibration of a Suction Foundation Platform

The Development and Use of a Computerized System to Examine Trends in the Components of Produced Water Discharges from Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Platforms

The Marine Animal Database: Design, Methods and Use

Oil Spill Prevention on the California Coast Facts, Failures and the Future

Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies and Planning





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