Impedances of Underwater Rigid Square Foundations

The Development and Use of a Computerized System to Examine Trends in the Components of Produced Water Discharges from Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Platforms

The Marine Animal Database: Design, Methods and Use

Oil Spill Prevention on the California Coast Facts, Failures and the Future

Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies and Planning

Reducing Duplicative Efforts in Oil Spill Contingency Planning

Sharing Resources for Effective Oil-Spill Response: Development and Testing of an Agency Oil-Spill Response Plan

Building Alliances to Save Coastal Waters

Installation of a Seafloor Earthquake Monitoring System

An Update on Seismic Reassessment of Aging Platforms Offshore California

Platform Decommissioning: Chevron's Experience with the 4H State Platforms Abandonment Project Santa Barbara Channel, California

Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities: Contrasts Between Southern California and the Gulf of Mexico and Implications for Ecological Reearch

An Analysis of the Role of Ecological Science in Offshore Continental Shelf Decommissioning Policy

Some Results of Fish Surveys Around California Offshore Production Platforms

Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

Carpinteria Offshore Field Study, Offshore Southern California

Southern California Educational Initiative and Coastal Marine Institute: Long-term Environmental, Social and Economic Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Composite Fiberglass Pile Dolphins

Fully Nonlinear Simulation of Ocean Waves in Interaction with Offshore Structures—Project UNDA

Turbulence Measurement in a Towing Tank Using Hot-Film Anemometry





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