Dynamic Response of Pile Foundations
Analytical Aspects
Recent developments in the analytical solutions and relevant measurements regarding pile foundations are examined. Pile foundations for both onshore and offshore structures are covered,...

Cognac: World's Tallest Offshore Oil Platform
Shell Oil's 1980 OCEA-winner is a three-sectioned design of steel fabrication and deep-sea installation. Cognac is currently the world's tallest, heaviest, and...

Deepwater Bottom Supported Condeep Terminal Design

Offshore Airport Environmental Impacts

Atlantic Coast Ecological Inventory, 1980

Fishing and OCS Energy Development — Charting a Course of Compatibility

Energy Facilities and the California Coast

Coastal Energy Development in Santa Barbara County

Offshore Pipeline Routing: Minimizing Environmental Effects

Coastal Development at Nile Mediterranean Outlets

Resolution of Shoreline Disputes

A Strategy for State Participation in Outer Continental Shelf Exploration Decisions

The #53 Working Group: Local Participation in the Federal OCS Leasing Process

Balancing Fish and Fuel on Georgia's OCS

Problems Facing Alaska Outer Continental Shelf Resource Development

Management of Coastal Resources in Arctic Alaska

Marine Sanctuaries, A Controversial Concept

Development of a North Sea Oil Terminal

Modeling the Cumulative Onshore Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development

Consistency Review of OCS Acitvities Off California





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