Offshore Master Plans Synergistic Opportunities or Business as Usual

Oil and Gas Development in Coastal Upland Areas: Understanding the Issues, and Recommendations for Land Use Planning

Hydrocarbon Facility Siting in Northern Canada

Coastal Barrier Resources Act and The National Flood Insurance Program

Conflict Resolution: Use of the Government-Industry Task Force

OCS Planning: The North Carolina Model

Energy and Native Concerns in the U.S. Arctic

Seismic Response of Submerged Oil Storage Tank

Structural Identification — Pros and Cons

Experiments on Active Control of Floating Platforms

On Reliability and Active Control of Tension Leg Platforms

Oil Rigs Designed to Combat Arctic Ice
Exploration and drilling rigs now being designed for use in the Beaufort Sea must withstand ice forces never before encountered. Design approaches include using the geometry of these structures...

Rigs to Reefs

Offshore Oil Operations and Environmental Values

Instrumentation and Performance Observations Offshore

Construction Equipment & Techniques for the Eighties
Thirty-three papers on construction equipment and techniques are presented. Construction equipment management is discussed, including criteria for equipment selection, utilization and...

Directional Wave Spectra Applications
These collected papers and their ensuing discussions presented at the September, 1981 symposium at the University of California on directional wave spectra applications examine the present...

Equipment and Techniques for the Construction of Conventional and Deep Water Offshore Platforms

Uplift of Drilled Rigid Piers in Loose Sand

Determination of Directional Seas from Ship Motions





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