Applications of In-Situ Filled Containers for Arctic Structures

Beach Evolution Caused by Littoral Drift Barrier

Breakwaters for Beach Protection at Lorain, OH

Modifications to Oil Handling Berths at Bayonne, N.J.

Regulation and Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

Pile Construction Practices in Arctic Regions: State-of-the-Art
Pile installation techniques in cold regions include drill and slurry, and driven methods for foundation designs. In the past, piles used for structural support in permafrost have consisted...

Cold Regions Safety
Presented here are some essential basics for the development of a comprehensive cold regions safety program. The intent is to cover a few topics in some detail, and to increase the general...

Modified Reel Methods for Subsea Arctic Pipelines

Design Features and Construction Techniques for Ocean Outfall Scarborough, Maine

Specifying Offshore Pipe Installation: A Case Study

Offshore Geotechnics: Trans-Panama Pipeline System

Use of Fjords for Disposal of Mine Tailing

Risk, Information and the Development of Marine Resources

Avoiding OCS — Fisheries Resource Conflicts

Oil Versus Navigation — Resolving the Conflict

Don't Get Crude on Georges Bank

Transportation Strategies for Export Coal Terminals in the Coastal Zone

Contingency Planning Guidelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Development

NOAA's Role in Scientific Planning for Spill Response

California's Oil Spill Response Capability: Is It Adequate?





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