Design for Ice Forces
Part one of this publication on design for ice forces emphasizes offshore and coastal structures. In this section , seasonal ice conditions typical of offshore and coastal zones are reviewed....

Geotechnical Practice in Offshore Engineering
The offshore industry as it exists today is just 30 years old. In that period the depth of water where structures are built has increased from a few feet to over 1000 feet. The performance...

Oil Platform
The Cerveza offshore drilling platform demonstrates that a single-piece platform base for deep water is technically feasible and economically practical. The template-type fixed platform...

Design of Prefabricated Offshore Structures for Ice Forces
The design of fixed offshore structures to resist forces from sea ice features is reviewed. The emphasis is on prefabricated structures constructed elsewhere, towed to location and installed,...

Design of Manmade Offshore Islands for Ice Forces
Approximately sixty percent of the undiscovered oil and fifty percent of the undiscovered gas probably lies in the sedimentary basins offshore Alaska (USGS 1980). Because of this hydrocarbon...

Design of Offshore Pipelines for Ice Environments
Design and installation of offshore pipelines in cold regions requires special care. Low ambient temperatures may cause increased friction losses in oil and gas lines due to wax crystallization...

Marine Geotechnical Investigations, A Mature Technology

Group Action in Offshore Piles

Dynamic Sediment Properties, Mississippi Delta

Shear Strength Interpretation for Gulf of Mexico Clays

Deep Water Soil Investigation: Planning to Results

Cone Penetration Testing in the Beaufort Sea

In Situ Tests and their Application in Offshore Design

Stability of Arctic Gravity Structures

Breakout Theory for Offshore Structures Seated on Sea-Bed

Axial Capacity of Steel Pipe Piles in Sand

Lateral Pile Analysis in Weak Carbonate Rocks

Analysis of Offshore Pile Driving-A Review

Wave Protection for an Offshore Runway Extension, Alaska

Breakwater Protects Asbury Park's Convention Hall





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