Statistical Properties of Non—linear Waves

Dynamic Response of Offshore Platforms to Environmental Loads

Rational Approximations of Wave Spectra

A Preliminary Study of Fatigue Design Requirements for Tension Leg platforms

On the Risk of Floatel - Platform Collision

Reliability Based Design of Gravity Foundations for Arctic offshore Structures

Load & Resistance Factor Design of Platform Conductors

Advanced Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Offshore Structures

On Model Uncertainties of Fatigue Load Effects in Compliant Offshore Platforms

A Fatigue Reliability Model for Offshore Structures

WAVE: An Expert Offshore Structural Analysis System

Modeling Offhore Structures Using CADS

Shaft Capacity of Driven Pipe Piles in Clay
A compilation of axial load test records for driven pipe piles in clay published by the American Petroleum Institute is analysed to yield new criteria for skin friction and pile scale...

Dredging Developments in the Canadian Arctic
The use of dredges in the Canadian Arctic in connection with oil exploration programmes has lead to the adaptation of existing and adoption of new techniques. Further development is required...

An Offshore Mound Constructed of Dredged Material
The concept of using dredged material to intentionally construct an underwater mound was tested and confirmed at the Dam Neck Disposal Site, 4 miles offshore Virginia Beach, Virginia....

Dynamic Response of Tension Leg Platforms to Ice Forces

Reliability of Dynamic Wind Loads on Compliant Offshore Structures

System Reliability Applications to Offshore Design and Inspection

Reliability Evaluation of Tension Leg Platforms

Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Marine Pipelines to Directional Wave Forces with Random Soil Resistance





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