Oil and Water Can Mix—The IRM Agreement on Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing in the Bering Sea

The Public Trust Doctrine and Conflict Resolution in Coastal Waters: West Coast Developments

Influences of Wave Steepness on Wave-Induced Liquefaction in Sand Layer

Geologic Review: Better Regulation Through Interagency Cooperation

Stages in Offshore Oil Exploration: Florida

Development of Gulf of Mexico Deep-Water Oil and Gas Fields on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf

Fish Assemblages at Oil and Gas Platforms, Compared to Natural Hard/Live Bottom Areas in the Gulf of Mexico

The Italian Seas: Legal Frameworks and Management Patterns

Planning and Execution in Uncertain Domains

Shimonoseki Offshore Man-Made Island

Underwater Foundations for a Jack-up Barge
Innovative underwater foundations were developed to provide a solid base for the legs of a large jack-up barge needed by General Dynamics to transport heavy components from Quonset Point,...

Sensitivity Study of the Cyclic Axial Capacity of a Single Pile
Evaluation of the axial capacity of an offshore pile subjected to a severe North Sea storm is presented. Effects of using different degradation criteria, upper and lower bound interaction...

Uncertainties in Offshore Axial Pile Capacity
The overall bias and error associated with the API recommended procedures and other popular methods for offshore pile design are evaluated. The paper considers single axial friction piles...

Historical Trend of Coastal Development and the Construction of Offshore Man-made Islands in Japan

Structural Materials
This volume of Structural Materials contains papers from 12 sessions of the 7th Structures Congress held in San Francisco on May 1-5, 1989. The sessions cover a very broad range of topics...

Marine Data Platforms—An Interactive Inventory

A Comprehensive Look at the California Coastal Commission's Regulation of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Public Trust in Mississippi: The Aftermath of the Phillips Petroleum Decision

Mitigating Oil and Gas Impacts in Coastal Wetlands

Exxon Corp V. Fischer





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