Carpinteria Offshore Field Study, Offshore Southern California

Southern California Educational Initiative and Coastal Marine Institute: Long-term Environmental, Social and Economic Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Composite Fiberglass Pile Dolphins

On the Importance of Understanding Ocean Wave Kinematics for Calculation of Dynamics and Loads on Offshore Structures

Fully Nonlinear Simulation of Ocean Waves in Interaction with Offshore Structures—Project UNDA

Nonlinear Wave Loading and Dynamic Response of Drag-Dominated Offshore Platforms

Nonlinear Loads and Responses of Ships and Offshore Platforms in Deterministic and Random Waves

Spectral Response Surfaces, Designer Waves and the Ringing of Offshore Structures

Hurricane Wave Forces on the Decks of Offshore Platforms

Forecasting Rig Heave for Drilling Operations in Harsh Environments

On Wave and Force Uncertainty for Steel Structures

Hurricane Wave Conditions for Design and Requalification of Platforms in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico

Reliability and Risk Considerations in Offshore Design and Operations

A Second Order Numerical Algorithm for Simulation of Breaking Wave Impacts on Structures

Wave Climate Parameterization of the Distribution of Maximum Wave Heights and Crest Elevations

Turbulence Measurement in a Towing Tank Using Hot-Film Anemometry

Composite Modeling of an Offshore Breakwater Scheme in the UKCRF

WaMoS II: An Operational Wave Monitoring System

Impedances of Underwater Rigid Square Foundations

Lateral Spread Earth Pressures on Drilled Shafts





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