Characterization of Offshore and Coastal Ice Conditions
Seasonal sea ice conditions typical of nearshore coastal zones are reviewed. Prominent ice features influencing design ice conditions for offshore structures are described. This paper...

Modelling Sediment Transport in a Deep Ocean Environment

Long-Term Observations of Sediment Transport on the Continental Shelf: East and West Coast of the United States

A Model of Longshore Sediment Transport Processes in the Surf Zone

Circulation and Transport Phenomena in Kuwait Bay

Application of Cafe to the Irish Sea

Regionalism, the New Federalism, and Coastal Zone Management in the 1980's

Coastal Zone Management and Energy Development: Who Pays the Price?

TDCs: Planner's Dream or Builder's Nightmare?

State Response to the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972

A Ten-Year Reunion with the Oregon Coastal Management Program: A Need to Evaluate

Coastal Zone Management on the West Coast: An Evaluation

Institutional Problems in the Future Management of the California Coastal Resource Program

NOAA/NOS Methods of Tidal Current Predictions

Oregon's New Coastal Research Initiative

An Analytical Expression for the Calculation of Longshore Currents on Beaches with Curved Bed Profiles

The California-National Ocean Survey Marine Boundary Program: 1973-1982

Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Recession

Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Shoreline Changes Due to Various Sea-Level Rise Scenarios





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