Inverse Flow Modelling of Waves and Currents in the Surf Zone

Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in the Entrance of the Tagus Estuary

Three-Dimensional Curvilinear Modelling of Wind-Induced Flows Through the North Channel of the Irish Sea

A Three-Dimensional Shear Dispersion Model Applied to Georges Bank

An Isopycnic Model Study of the Black Sea

Coastal Wave Measurement and Forecast System: Preliminary Results and Model Selection

An Ocean Model Applied to the Chesapeake Bay Plume

Numerical Modeling Experiments of the East (Japan) Sea Circulation and Mesoscale Eddy Generation Based on POM-ES

A PC-Based Visualization System for Coastal Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling

Sand Rights: A Legal System to Protect Shores of the Sea

San Diego Regional Beach Sand Project
The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is proposing the San Diego Regional Beach Sand Project to replenish the County's beaches. SANDAG represents the Cities within San Diego...

Beach Changes Triggered by Seaward Development of Towns, Expansion of Coastal Forest and Construction of Detached Breakwaters at a Pocket Beach
Beach changes triggered by seaward development of towns, expansion of coastal forests and construction of detached breakwaters at a pocket beach were analyzed, taking the Ariake-Ishihama...

Monitoring and Performance Analysis of Protection Works at Rosslare Strand
Post construction monitoring and performance analysis has become an important part of many major coastal protection projects. In the past such work was carried out very much on an ad-hoc...

Measuring Key Physical Processes in a California Lagoon
A focused data collection program was completed in support of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers feasibility study of restoration alternatives for protecting and managing the habitat in Bolinas...

The Sharon Escarpment, Israel: Management of a Backshore Cliff in a Densely Populated Environment
The Sharon Escarpment is a coastal backshore escarpment made of heterogeneous layered sandstone. This area is an increasingly exploited environmental resource. This paper defines the main...

Interim Procedures for Pressure Flow Scour

Runup of Wind Waves on Riprap

Human and Organizational Factors: Engineering and Reliability of Offshore Structures

Geotechnical Lessons Learned in San Diego's South Bay Ocean Outfall

Comparison of Concentration Measurements with Well-Sorted and Bimodal Sand





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