Fluidization of the Sand Bed and Sediment Movement in the Surf Zone

Effect of Wave Breaking and Bed Friction on Suspended Sediment Concentration

Influence of Wave Groups on Sand Re-Suspension over Bedforms in a Large Scale Wave Flume

Measurement and Modelling of Swash Hydrodynamics

Influence of Tidal Water Surface Fluctuations on Beach Profile Evolution

Estimation of Ebb-Tidal Shoal Sediment Transport Based on a Roller Inclusive Boussinesq Breaking Model

Sand Size and Fill Geometry Effects on Longshore Transport at a Nourished Beach

Directionality of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone under High-Energy Conditions

Shoreface Bedforms and Cross-Shore Sand Fluxes Measured Using an Enhanced Sea Sled

Storms, Storm Groups and Nearshore Morphologic Change

Submarine Land Slide and Its Impacts on the Neighboring Coast

Recession of Coastal Soft Cliffs Due to Waves and Current: Experiments

The Holocene Coastal Evolution of Eastern England: Evidence from the Offshore Southern North Sea

Large-Scale Shoreline Response to Storms and Fair Weather

Modulation of Microtidal Inlet Ebb Deltas by Severe Sea

Periodic Shoreline Morphology: Fire Island, New York

Great Earthquakes, Abundant Sand, and High Wave Energy in the Columbia Cell, U.S.A.

Scaling Winter Storm Impacts on Assateague Island, Maryland, Virginia

Wave-Mud Interaction: Wave Attenuation and Mud Mass Transport

Analysis of Sediment Transport Processes at Westport, Massachusetts





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