Remote Sensing of the Polish Coasts Morphology

Simulation of Three-Dimensional, Non-Hydrostatic Free-Surface Flows for Estuaries and Coastal Seas

A Quantitative Skill Assessment of Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Coastal Currents

Simulations of the Maine Coastal Current

Development of a Large-Scale Tidal Circulation Model for the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas

Can Numerical Estuarine Models be Driven at the Estuary Mouth

Optimized Boundary Conditions for Coastal Modeling

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in the Norwegian Coastal Waters. Part 1: Model Set Up and Sensitivity Tests

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in Norwegian Coastal Waters; Part 2: Summary of the Main Results

Optimal Fitting of a Model to Observations of Sediment Concentration in the Irish Sea

An Evaluation of Tidal Predictions in the Yellow and East China Seas

Southern Boundary Experimental Forecasts with the NOAA East Coast Ocean Model

Coastal Ocean Model Performance in Eastern Australia

Santa Ana River Salt Marsh Restoration: Orange County, California, U.S.A.
As part of the All-River Plan of the Santa Aria River, the 92 acre Santa Ana River Marsh (Marsh) was constructed at the Pacific Ocean outlet in Orange County, California. This project...

Analysis of Exceptional Meteorological Conditions on July and August in Conakry
Conakry is a zone that receives more precipitation than other countries in West Africa. Sometimes the quantity is more than 4,000 mm per year. Strong rainfalls are observed between July...

The Balanced Indigenous Population (BIP) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Marine Pollution Ecology
This account discusses the regulatory requirement of maintaining a Balanced Indigenous Population (BIP) as it relates to an ocean outfall. A brief history of the development of the BIP...

Streamflows Prediction Models for the Colombian Generation System Considering El Niño Effect
A monthly and a daily prediction models for some Colombian rivers with hydropower developments were developed and implemented. Several monthly streamfiow prediction models are presented....

Identifying Potential Trophic Relationships and Bioaccumulation Pathways between Fish and Invertebrates
A large ocean monitoring database was used to quantify relationships between demersal fish, epibenthic macroinvertebrates (EMI) and benthic infauna that provide potential pathways for...

Determination of Bridge Scour Velocity in an Estuary
Determination of the appropriate design for protection against bridge pier scour depends significantly upon the design velocities at the project site. In estuaries with large influences...

Modeling Unsteady Open-Channel Flows Having Longitudinally Varied Fluid Density
Unsteady flows in waterways with fluid density varying longitudinally can be described by various sets of partial differential equations, according to conditions of density variation....





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