Wetland Restoration in Southern North Sea Coastal Areas: The Experience of Britain and The Netherlands
Over the past 500 years, extensive reclamation of tidal wetland areas in the lowlands surrounding the Southern North Sea has taken place. In the Netherlands, reclamation has been an essential...

Two- and Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Salton Sea, California
The Salton Sea, the largest surface water body in California, faces a myriad of problems related to rapidly changing water levels, rising salinity, accelerated eutrophication, fish kills,...

Near Field Modeling
Results of near field modeling of the wastefield formed by the Sand Island, Honolulu, ocean sewage outfall are presented. Over 20,000 simulations were run with the mathematical model RSB...

Los Angeles River as a Water Source for a Freshwater Reservoir
Simons, Li & Associates, Inc., performed a study to examine the technical feasibility of a freshwater reservoir in the ocean at the mouth of the Los Angeles River through a conceptual...

Application of a Three-Dimensional Model to Assess Seawater Intrusion in the South San Diego Embayment
The San Diego Formation is a Pliocene through Quaternary age aquifer occupying the southwestern-most part of San Diego County. Though the formation is widespread, thicknesses of up to...

Floodplain Management in Los Angeles County
Los Angeles is located in a geologically young area of the western United States. It is characterized by highly erodible, steep mountains and flat alluvial plains. Located in a semi-arid...

Evaluating Strategies to Manage Seawater Intrusion
A simulation-optimization model has been developed to evaluate strategies for managing seawater intrusion in the Oxnard Plain, Ventura County, California; however, this model addresses...

Sediment Erosion Rate in the Baltimore Harbor
In-situ erosion experiments were conducted at four selected sites in the Baltimore harbor in May 1995 using the VIMS Sea Carousel. The measurements showed that the erosion rate decreased...

Environmental Fluid Mechanics -- A Review of Some Recent Results

Statistical Analyses of Acoustical Wave Velocity in Porous Seafloor

Laboratory Experiments on Density Current Over a Sloping Bottom in Rotating Fluid

Visual Mosaicking of the Ocean Floor and its Relation to Three-Dimensional Occlusions

Fault Crossing Design and Seismic Considerations for the South Bay Ocean Outfall

Probabilistic Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Motions Under Combined Periodic and Random Excitations

Stochastic Integral/Calculus for Non-Gaussian Delta-Correlated Processes

First Passage Time of Nonlinear Ship Rolling in Nonstationary Random Seas

Measures of Exceedance by Random Fields for Ocean Stress and Environmental Application

Ocean Environment Contours for Structural Response Analysis and Experiment Design

Wavelets in Random Processes Representation

Reliability of Ocean Structure Using Spectrum-Consistent Excitation





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