Changing Wave Climate and Littoral Drift Along the California Coast

Oil Spill Prevention and Response: Partnerships Make It Happen

Joint Agency Cooperation to Ensure Safety and Protection of the Environment Through Pipeline Inspections

Pollution Impacts to Ocean and Coastal Resources: The Complex Process of Assessment and Restoration

Impact of Oil Spills on Commercial Fisheries: Lessons of Alaska for California

Local Governments on the Edge: Planning for their Ocean Interface

Adopt-A-Beach: A Model for Marine Debris Education

Coastal Process Cyclicity

Fight Against Erosion of the Caucasus Coast

Striking a Balance: Improving Stewardship of Marine Areas

Managing the Oceans: Into the Murky Waters of Jurisdiction

America's Unmanaged Territories: Its Extended Territorial Sea and it's Exclusive Economic Zone

Oiled Wildlife Care for Sea Otters in California: A Government, Private Sector, Not-for-Profit Partnership

Using Geography as a Management Tool: The National Ocean Service San Francisco Bay Project and Pacific Coast Program

Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Public Interest

The Need for New Coastal Legislation

Public and Private Rights Where the Land Meets the Sea

Recent Developments in Ocean Outfalls

Satellite Remote Sensing as Part of an Ocean Outfall Environmental Monitoring Program

An Ocean Outfall as an Artificial Reef: Impacts to the Benthic Environment and a Balanced Indigenous Population





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