Laboratory Experiments on Density Current Over a Sloping Bottom in Rotating Fluid

Visual Mosaicking of the Ocean Floor and its Relation to Three-Dimensional Occlusions

Fault Crossing Design and Seismic Considerations for the South Bay Ocean Outfall

Probabilistic Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Motions Under Combined Periodic and Random Excitations

Stochastic Integral/Calculus for Non-Gaussian Delta-Correlated Processes

First Passage Time of Nonlinear Ship Rolling in Nonstationary Random Seas

Measures of Exceedance by Random Fields for Ocean Stress and Environmental Application

Ocean Environment Contours for Structural Response Analysis and Experiment Design

Wavelets in Random Processes Representation

Reliability of Ocean Structure Using Spectrum-Consistent Excitation

Santa Ana River Mainstem Project
The Santa Ana River Mainstem Project consists of seven major features including the construction of 550 ft. high earth and rockf ill dam; raising the embankment by 28 feet of Prado Dam,...

Density and Conditioning Characteristics of Motorway Vehicular Traffic Flow

Entrainment of Eggs and Larval Fish into Propeller Jets
Because larval fish have limited mobility and eggs have no mobility, both are susceptible to entrainment into the propeller jets of passing vessels. Entrainment subjects eggs and larvae,...

Simulations of the Maine Coastal Current

Analysis of Exceptional Meteorological Conditions on July and August in Conakry
Conakry is a zone that receives more precipitation than other countries in West Africa. Sometimes the quantity is more than 4,000 mm per year. Strong rainfalls are observed between July...

Can Numerical Estuarine Models be Driven at the Estuary Mouth

Scientific Visualization Techniques for Wave Transformation Models

An Evaluation of Tidal Predictions in the Yellow and East China Seas

Multiscale Shore Variability at Two Coasts

High-Performance Metals for Civil and Marine Structures





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