In Situ Estimation of Soil Hydraulic Properties Using Inverse Modeling

GIS Modules and Distributed Models of the Watershed
Prepared by the Task Committee on GIS Modules and Distributed Models of the Watershed of ASCE. This report guides professionals in selecting the mostadvantageous...

The Passenger and Baggage Flow Model (PBFM) Tool

Modeling of Airport Hub Operations

An Overview of the Simultaneous Perturbation Method for Efficient Optimization

Mental Models and Maps
Each of us has a unique mental model or map of how the particular parts of the world behave or ought to behave. These particular parts might include: the realm of business, the realm of...

A Hypoelastic Model for Cyclic Response of Concrete Structures

Studies of the Behavior of a Suction Pile with a Simplified Numerical Model

Computer Models for Tidal Hydraulic Analysis at Highway Structures

Cost Modeling and Optimization Considerations for Low Pressure Membrane Filtration Systems

Analytical Model of Spit Evolution at Inlets

Hydrologic Analysis for Ecological Risk Assessment of Watersheds with Abandoned Mine Lands

Geomorphic Factors for Tidal Waterway Hydraulic Modeling

Numerical Modeling of Overwashed Dune Profiles

Geomorphic Factors in Tidal Waterway Hydraulic Modeling

Evaluation of a Soil Vapor Extraction System: A Post-Audit Assessment
(No paper) Numerous sites contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOC) have implemented soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems to remediate the unsaturated zone. The SVE systems have...

Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of WTP Clearwell: Evaluation of Critical Parameters Influencing Model Performance

Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of St. Lucie Estuary

Development of a Sediment Budget for the West and Southwest Coasts of Barbados

Computer Model for Prediction of Scour at Bridges Affected by Large Woody Debris





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