Habitat Modeling in a Southeastern Alluvial Floodplain River

Peak Load Regulation in Power Station and Navigation

Eddy Pump Dredging: Does it Produce Water Quality Impacts?

Risk Analysis Study of Non-Routine Turbine/Generator Shutdown Events and Intake Gate Evaluation

Relative Cost and Precision of Hydroacoustic and Net Sampling at Hydroelectric Facilities

21st Century Advanced Hydropower Turbine System

Machine Condition Monitoring

Development and Evaluation of the Modular Inclined Screen (MIS)

The Benefits of Effective Project Management Upon Small-scale Hydro Development Within the United Kingdom's Water Supply Infrastructure

4 Metre Diameter Penstock Construction for the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

Explaining Fish Guidance Characteristics of Mesh and Bar Screens: The Relative Pressure Signature Hypothesis

Optimizing Efficiencies of Multiunit Hydro Plants

An Industry Perspective of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Efforts to Monitor and Enforce Hydroelectric License Requirements

Expansion of the 5 De Noviembre Hydroelectric Project, El Salvador, C.A.

Canal Dike System Improvements

Development of a Juvenile Fish Outfall Structure

An Evaluation of Injection Well Plugging From a Ground-Water Heat Pump System in Southeastern North Dakota

Education and Yucca Mountain

Transitioning Aluminum Clad Spent Fuels from Wet to Interim Dry Storage

Direct Burial of Industrial Plants by Mining





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